These new style of Sparkly Readers are so beautiful! I get compliments wherever I go. These cost me more than my previous ones, & I can’t continue to absorb cost increases, but FOR NOW, I’m offering them at the same price! Last year, I sold the traditional narrow rectangle shape. But my vision got worse & I can’t wear my old ones anymore. So when I had to buy a new strength I found this new design. These feel a little more sturdy, have more Aurora Borealis crystals & in different sizes. I also love the rounder frame shape which is a little softer looking. But again, because everyone has a specific prescription strength, I simply cannot carry enough stock to satisfy strengths from 1.0 to 3.0 in .25 increments. SO AGAIN, I WILL HAVE THESE BY CUSTOM ORDER ONLY. I'm starting with just these Aurora Borealis crystals since they sprakle the most & with all differnt colors (like diamonds!) & come in either black frames or dark brown. But honestly, they’re so close that the brown almost looks black. I’ll let you know if your frame color/strength is out of stock & will ask if you’d like the other color. And email me at with your choice of frame color & prescription strength.

Sparkly Readers *$29 introductory price


Brown Frame

Black Frame